The Convenience Of A CVS Prepaid Credit Card

The advantages to using a prepaid credit card are many. Most cards now have no monthly fee, which makes them perfect for occasional use. Prepaid cards are also safer to use for online and phone shopping, since they are not connected to a bank account or secured line of credit. Parents of teens and college age students find that prepaid cards are the best and simplest way to manage their child's finances, while still making the student responsible for managing the funds that are available on the card.

The CVS prepaid credit card is one of the best and most convenient cards available, as it is available at all of the thousands of CVS stores in the country. It carries a very reasonable funds load fee of less than five dollars and provides the instant convenience of a credit card, though it is actually a prepaid debit card.

These cards can be used in the United States as well as in the UK for all types of purchases at any merchant that accepts Visa cards. Far more secure than carrying cash, these cards offer the peace of mind of a credit card with none of the expenses associated with them.

It is well worth shopping around for prepaid credit cards and looking at the various options and plans. The card that is best for one card holder might not be the most advantageous choice for another. Some cards have high application and processing fees up front, but no individual transaction fees. For those who plan to use the card often, this might be the most economical choice.

Other cards have a quite low application and processing fee, but carry a fee for each transaction. For a card holder who makes only one or two transactions a week, this might turn out to be the cheaper option. Still other cards charge a per transaction fee, but cap that fee at ten or fifteen dollars a month.

Another area to take a close look at is the monthly or annual fee structure. There is a great variance in these fees, and, again, the fee structure that works best for one user might no be best for another. There are a lot of good web sites that compare cards to one another; it is very valuable to spend some time looking at those sites before deciding which card makes the most sense for a given person in a given situation.

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